#1 Call for Software option by behrthom 14.12.2017 07:21

Hi is it possible to include in the software the feature of a databank for setup the feeder for the componets, so you can choose the part from a list?
With that feature it will be easy to setup the machine without new Setting of the rotation and cam settings.

Kind regards Thoams

#2 RE: Call for Software option by mbruch 15.12.2017 08:36


This feature is not possible in V2 software because it has only simple feeder configuration based on machine positions.

We build this feature in our V3 software.
There is a feeder database and an machine positions calibration in different files.
The feeder get assigned by project file.

#3 RE: Call for Software option by mbruch 25.12.2019 11:39


We are currently working on a manufacturing support tool to improve this.

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